We listened!

The Autism spectrum is broad, diverse and beautiful just like the people on it. Because of this people obviously have different views on how best to promote Autism Awareness. Many will automatically 'light it up blue' as the biggest Autism charity in America advocates however we know that this particular organisation are hugely controversial especially with autistic adults. Some will wear their jigsaw pieces with pride and others reject this feeling it's an outdated Autism concept (until the pieces fit is another organisation motto.) We have the jigsaw pieces on our Somewhere Over The Spectrum design and in all honesty when I designed it 5 years ago I wasn't aware of its stigma. That being said, many people love it and deserve to be respected in their choices. As it's #autismawarenessday soon I'd never want anyone to feel left out so here is my offering to those who don't want blue and are anti jigsaw. I hope you like it 🌈

Autism Rainbow Design Autism Awareness Rainbow Design 

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